Learn about our solutions for import and export.

Full advisory and consultancy

  • Dynamic Customs Clearance cost reduction;
  • Processes for rate reduction "Ex-Tariff";
  • Acts concessional Drawback;
  • Special Customs Regimes;
  • Admission and / or Temporary Export;
  • Bonded Warehouse;
  • Machinery and large, including "Used" equipment;
  • Operations Software and Intangibles (SISCOSERV);
  • Radar / Installation on a Siscomex;
  • Studies for classification and tax rates;
  • Administrative proceedings, petitions, appeals, objections and defenses.

Import Clearance

  • Full management of the process from pick-up cargo abroad, customs clearance and delivery to site established by the importer;
  • Technical analysis of the documents, ratings and calculations of taxes and expenses;
  • Knowledge and experience to technically discuss ratings laws, tax benefits, among others;
  • Entry Invoice: We offer electronic file for the issue of automatic (SEFAZ) or through draft.

Export Clearance

  • Full management of the process from pick-up cargo in Brazil, customs clearance, shipping and delivery abroad;
  • Freight Quotes and Contracting; Air, Sea, Road;
  • Bill of Lading, coordination of international transport;
  • Hiring Rates and Insurance;
  • Preparation of documents; Commercial, Packing Lists, Certificate of Origin, Certificate Form "A" and other bills;
  • Legalization of documents in the consulates;
  • Analysis and guidance for Letters of Credit.

Logistic and International Transport

  • Integral Logistic Planning;
  • Management "Door to Door", comprising all the logistics from the collection of cargo at origin, coordination of international shipment until its arrival at the final destination string.


Modern management of overall system processes, i-Tracking, which our customers have access to all information, flow values​​, reporting and follow-up in real time.

Security & Transparency

  • Total management of the processes of import and export, integrated financial, with real-time monitoring system;
  • Computerized system for automatic daily update tax rates, tax classifications, laws, rules, etc..
  • Qualified team of analysts and engineers that provide the best customer support, security, and dynamic processes;
  • RC Insurance Policy Professional Insurance AIG Brazil S / A, which provides greater security to our clients.