Ex-tariff is the temporary reduction in the tax rate of import marked as Capital Goods (BK) and / or Goods and Telecommunications (BIT) in the Common External Tariff, there is no domestic production. The importance

consists of three fundamental points:

  • Enables increased investment in capital goods (BK) and computer and telecommunication (BIT) that do not have production in Brazil;                       
  • Enables increased technological innovation by different segments of the economy;                       
  • Produces a multiplier effect of employment and income for different segments of the national economy.

Claims for granting the reduction of import duty by Ex-HS are directed to the Department of Development of Production (SDP), the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) in Brasilia, with information concerning the:

  • Plaintiff Company                       
  • Technical product information                       
  • Forecast import                       
  • Information on investments and goals related to the claim.                       
  • Analysis of existing national production is accomplished through public consultation.

For application of the reduction is considered, besides the lack of domestic production, the following:

  • Guidelines PBM - Greater Brazil Plan                       
  • Policy for the development of production of the sector it belongs to the person or company requesting                       
  • absorption of new technologies;                       
  • Investment in infrastructure improvement, and                       
  • Content national total equipment related projects.

The deadline for analysis and concession demand on average 90 days.
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